Movements are communities of project creators and backers who come together to achieve a common goal – from transforming West Sussex and saving Lidos to creating new green spaces or fueling arts projects in Wolverhampton.

Want to start a Movement of your own? Consider becoming a partner.

For project creators:

  • It is a way of tapping into an engaged community of followers that are interested in projects like theirs
  • Discover funding and project support on offer – for example match-funding, media exposure, or volunteers

For people who are passionate about their local area:

  • Following a Movement lets you know about the exciting projects in the area, the new funding opportunities and the changes happening in your neighbourhood
  • A place where you can come together with the rest of the community – everyone from local people to businesses and councils – to make things happen

For supporters:

  • Offer cash, skills or stuff to support projects you care about
  • Maximise your impact by supporting projects alongside other businesses, councils, organisations and individuals

Discover Movements on Spacehive here.

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