What is verification? How long does it take?

Before a project can start crowdfunding it must be verified by Locality. This involves inspecting the project to make sure it’s viable and trustworthy.

What do I need in order to get verified?

The verification process takes on average 2-5 days. It is quicker the more prepared the project creator is for Locality’s questions, which depending on the nature of your project are likely to pertain to the following things. Have these to hand to insure a speedy verification.

  • Proof of permission (e.g. event license, council agreement, landowner consent)
  • Evidence of costs (e.g. building work quotations, links to online shop listings, proof of in-kind/offline funds)
  • Possible insurances, policies, or qualifications (e.g. safeguarding policy, certifications)

Getting verified

Before you can submit your project for verification you must fill in all the Project Details in your project Dashboard. You’ll know when you’ve filled in all required fields because a button will appear asking you to submit for verification.

After submitting the project for verification you will not be able to edit your project page, except from your ‘Video and Images’. Locality will email you within 48 hours.

If Locality are unsatisfied with the project proposal they’ll give some feedback then send your project back a step so you can make some edits and hopefully rework your proposal until it’s ready for verification again.

Once you’ve been verified you need to set your campaign end date. Check out these tips on how long to run your campaign for.

Why verify projects?

Spacehive does not guarantee projects but, to help reduce risk, all projects are verified to try and establish if they are viable before they start funding. Verifying projects helps to protect potential funders, makes it more likely projects will succeed, and maintains confidence in the system.

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