Spacehive fees

Spacehive charges a 5% fee on funds raised if, and only if, you hit your target. The 5% fee pays for the development and maintenance of our technology platform, the process of verifying projects, and the support that we provide.

This is 5% of your total project costs and is automatically added onto your campaign total. So if a project needs £100 in total it will have to raise £105.

Spacehive’s 5% platform fee continues to apply to funds raised during overfunding

Transaction fees

There are also transaction fees; PayPal at 3.4% + 20p per pledge and GoCardless at 0.5%. These are estimated at the beginning of your campaign and are automatically added onto your total project costs. Because these are estimations you might notice your campaign target fluctuating depending on the payment methods used by backers and the pledge sizes. Generally the transaction fees are overestimated so you’ll probably see your target decreasing, especially if you get a big pledge or if you mostly receive GoCardless pledges.

£100 (project costs) + £5 (Spacehive fees) + £~2 (transaction fees) = £107 (total amount to raise)

Spacehive and transaction fees are shown in the Costs tab of project pages.