Spacehive is here to help you raise cash to cover the costs of delivering your project. You outline these Costs upfront and before you begin fundraising, our independent verifiers Locality check to make sure everything is feasible and realistic.  

In-Kind Donations

When you tell us about your project and the costs involved you can also list some of the items that have already been donated and their equivalent value, such as tools, equipment, or skills that you would otherwise have had to pay for. They must have been received before fundraising begins and not items you hope to receive during the campaign. Once added they will appear as both a cost item and a donation on the project page, so that the total value of the project and amount left to raise both remain true.

You’ll be asked by our verifiers to send confirmation of the goods/services that have been received and they will be included on your project page.

However, please note that to ensure transparency for all backers, once you’ve begun fundraising you cannot swap out Cost items for additional in-kind donations. You must raise the full target amount that you agreed upon and Locality verified at the start of the campaign.

Wish Lists

We do, however, offer the chance to complete a Wish List when you’re creating your project and this list can be used as a point of reference for locals to see what your project may need. On your Wish List can be the things that aren’t absolutely essential to get your project going but would be hugely helpful if they were offered along the way. As an example you could ask people to help you clear or paint your space in order to get your project off the ground once you’ve reached your target.

If you have any questions about in-kind donations, costs, or wish lists please get in touch!

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