How we respond to the climate crisis is often framed in ways that do not necessarily lead us to feel like there’s much hope. Individual behaviour change (such as recycling more, or using fewer plastic products), though worthy, can seem like a thankless task with always more to do. Then there’s the political and systemic level, which is prompting the current wave of popular demonstrations across the globe, urging those in power to do more to reduce carbon emissions which we know are causing the planet to heat up and the ecological issues that will unfold as a result. We hope those who have the power to act are listening!

However, there is a gap in between the individual and the systemic where it is possible to find hope right now: at the level of community. Projects that seek to improve the environment locally can be genuinely practical, such as installing solar panels, or creating better habitats for insects. Others are about creating social connection around environmental issues, such as film nights, and surplus food supper clubs.

Click on the titles of the projects below to find out more about how they, in their own way, are great examples of positive local responses to the climate crisis.


Help reopen Camley Street Natural Park

Growing Raglan : Rewilding Camden

Stafford Moreton Way Wildflower Meadow

CauliBox – Reusable lunchbox scheme

Eco-Friendly Shop With Braille!


Solar for Alston Schools!

Hornbeam Nights: Educational film nights, Supper clubs, Environmental & Social change

Sustainable Bridges Makerspace

The Calthorpe Living Lab

Arts and Environmental Learning

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