Summer makeover for Spacehive!

Today, amid Britain’s sparkling heatwave, we launch a sunny new look to our project and initiative pages.

We’ve given the content that matters – your images and videos – more space to shine, tidied up clutter and introduced single sentence summaries of projects under their titles.

follow button

We’ve also added ‘follow” buttons to project and initiative pages. They’re a really simple but effective way of building an engaged audience around your project or initiative.

How do they work? Well, people who visit your page and think – nice idea, I want to stay in the loop – click the green Follow button to opt into updates. Once they’ve done this they’ll receive automatic updates by email. For example, if someone follows a project they’ll get emails when the project starts fundraising, hits 50% of its target, or nets a particularly juicy pledge.

And if someone follows an initiative, they’ll get  updates when a new projects joins the initiative, or if an individual project starts funding, hits it’s target, and so on.

If you’re a project promoter you’ll also be able to post your updates of your own from your dashboard, which will be shared with your followers.

Crowdfunding is all about building and nurturing a strong, engaged community around what you’re doing. The new Follow feature is designed to make it easier for you to do just that – so make sure the first thing you do when your page goes live is encourage all your supporters to click that green button! It should help to make your campaign more effective and more rewarding.

Thoughts? Ideas? Your feedback is massively important to us – we want to make Spacehive as useful as possible to you – so please drop us a line and let us know when you’re thinking! Thanks

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About the Author:

From teaching in the Tanzanian mountains to the digital universe of Spacehive, Aaron has stopped off in a few places along the way. After receiving an MA in Publishing from Oxford Brookes University, she worked for big internationals including Oxford University Press and the International Labour Organization, small but interesting types including Pambazuka Press and Internet Retailing Magazine before heading up the award-winning Looking for her next big adventure she joined Spacehive as their Content Marketing Manager. Here she works the words whether describing the awesome potential of a civic crowdfunded future or outlining the many dazzling features of our grant-making software. She gets to meet the project creators and share their stories as well as working with our partners to ensure they have the material they need to make impact. Outside of work she mentors with The Girls’ Network, solves mysteries and once made jam from the blackberries in her garden of which she is inordinately proud.