Amazing. Just days in and our first project catches the eye of Stephen Fry, god daddy of Twitter!

Can Twitter build a community centre?  Stephen appears to think so.

Well, it seems you can crowdfund a community centre for the price of a cucumber sandwich. Join in! #sandwichsacrifice

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) February 23, 2012

This week he tweeted his 4m followers, challenging them to collectively “fund a community centre for the price of a cucumber sandwich”.

The project in question is in Glyncoch, a small town in South Wales, racing to raise £30,000 by 30 March so they can build a £793,000 community centre before their grants expire.

The project – at – has already attracted donors ranging from tens of local Glyncoch families to a fashion photographer in Vancouver.

Here’s Louisa Addiscott, the community worker spearheading the campaign, talking about Fry’s backing on BBC Radio: “I can’t believe we got Stephen Fry on board! With his support it’s gone out to 4m people on Twitter.”

GlyncochCC on BBC Wales! (mp3)

If the campaign succeeds, the new centre will built by summer and provide a vibrant social hub providing local people with access to vital services across education and health.

So why not sacrifice your next cucumber sandwich and transform a community instead!