We’re thrilled to unveil our first major redesign since launching three years ago…

Spacehive’s mission is to empower people to lead change in communities by enabling them to attract the attention and resources needed to make projects happen. Quickly. And easily. Our new, simpler website has been designed with this mind.

Our bold new homepage showcases the creativity and innovation of Spacehivers – that’s all the people, towns and cities, companies and grantmakers that work with us. And, behind the scenes, we’ve simplified the experience of creating a project so it’s even easier for as many people as possible to bring their civic environment to life.

But that’s not all… We’ll be unwrapping more awesome features and pages incrementally, which will focus on four key areas:

Making it easier to create projects
A new wizard guides you through the process of creating a project on Spacehive – from idea to delivery. And we’ll be launching more tools, as well as redesigning our project pages, to help you get your idea off the ground and attract more supporters.

A better pledging experience
Whether you’re giving a fiver or shelling out £2m, we’re working to make the pledging experience quicker and easier for you. You’ll also be able to support projects in other ways too – for example, by volunteering. You make projects happen, we salute you!

Hives: show your projects some love!
Hives are incubators for great ideas. They work by connecting project creators with like-minded supporters. We’re building a range of powerful tools that will make it easier for hive owners to fuel projects and for projects to tap into support that helps them succeed.

Telling your story
We know that the people, companies, and councils using Spacehive to make a difference have amazing stories to tell. So, we’re launching a suite of blogging and reporting tools that will bring our users’ stories to life and reveal their social impact.

New features…

Since I wrote this blog post we’ve launched some more exciting new features including Spacehive Pots and the ability to team Spacehive projects with volunteers across the UK.