What could you do with £500 for the community? Probably more than you think. We’re setting heroic Hullensians a challenge. What big change can you make with lots of small change as part of our community crowdfunding initiative?

Ideas can be anything that take place in a public space – from a mural that brightens up a dark alley to an outdoor blackboard for people to share their thoughts to a flashmob that gets everyone moving. Projects don’t have to be big to have a huge impact and we want to see the corners of Hull come to life with cheap and cheerful projects that everyone can enjoy.

I love it! How can I get involved?

Simple! Just upload your idea to #MakeHull on Spacehive and outline what your idea is, how you’ll do it and how much it will cost. The projects with the most local support will get a big pledge from the #MakeHull pioneers to make it happen.

Because every positive change no matter how small helps shape Hull into a city you can be proud to live, work and enjoy. So take our £500 challenge and play your part to #MakeHull. After all, every little helps!*

Some ideas to get you started!

 *Stolen unabashedly from Tesco.