Our project pages are like book covers… The first impression really counts and is paramount to getting people to read on and pledge. With this in mind, we decided it was time to give them a fun and thorough makeover!

What’s awesome about our new project pages?

  • Pledge on the move – Our new responsive project pages now look and behave just as awesome on tablets and phones as they do on computers, making it easier than ever to pledge on the move.
  • See a project’s journey – Project creators can now post updates during and after their crowdfunding journey with our new timeline feature. But that’s not all – project timelines are the perfect place to see how much buzz a project is getting, with latest backers and project milestones appearing as and when they happen!
  • Who’s pledged the most? – See who’s the latest person to have backed a project or order backers by pledge size to see who’s been the most generous.
  • Show-off project photos – Project creators can now share behind the scenes footage of their project by uploading images to their project gallery, at every step of their journey!

Why not check out the new design at Croydon Saffron Central – that’s the cool project featured in the image above!