Peckham Coal Line is an ambitious project to turn a disused railway line into a spectacular new elevated social space, which will link the communities of Peckham’s Rye Lane and Queens Road.

The project, instigated by local residents, celebrates the area’s industrial history and strong local community.

“It’s about connecting people with an idea as well as connecting the two high streets. There’s potential for a much wider connection too as it could mean that, in future, you would be able to cycle all the way from Brixton to the Thames.”
Nick Woodford, Peckham Coal Line

The project launched a crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive in late July and, to date, has raised over £15,000 and attracted almost 300 backers.

“The reason we decided to crowdfund is because it’s really focused on getting local people involved. It’s about coming together and collectively making something happen. We’ve been amazed by the number of pledges we’ve received –  these are donations from people we don’t even know but have fallen in love with the project and really want to push it forward.”

Nick Woodford, Peckham Coal Line

The project proved so popular that it hit 10% of its funding goal in its first week.

Today the Mayor of London pledged £10,000 to The Peckham Coal Line Urban Park