Local government is having to transform how it delivers, doing more with less. Civic crowdfunding offers an alternative model, one in which we believe can offer huge gains for Cities and Citizens alike. Future Cities Catapult, Spacehive and KPMG have worked together to develop two pilots in two cities with key partners and funders.

The pilots are up and running with ‘Our Manchester’ well underway and ‘Make Hull’ going live to coincide with the city’s Capital of Culture status this year. Both initiatives have received much interest with exciting projects being submitted, funded and delivered.

Cities are increasingly using crowdfunding to democratise the way places are created and funded: from new street markets and revamped playgrounds, to gardens planted on derelict railway lines.

In this new report from Future Cities Catapult they explore the progress of the first wave of local authorities making use of this approach, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of doing so.

Download your free copy of the definitive guide to civic crowdfunding for local authorities here.