A chorus of party poppers can be heard across the capital as a new wave of Mayor of London backed projects have reached their crowdfunding targets. Project creators gathered at City Hall this week to reflect on their journeys so far and share their plans for bringing their ideas to life in the year ahead.

It’s the biggest batch of projects Crowdfund London has ever seen, with 24 successful projects securing pledges from 3000 backers who all chipped in to help create the change they want to see in their communities.

Thanks to the project creators’ tremendous crowdfunding efforts over the past few months, Crystal Palace Park visitors will be able to cross a bridge to visit its iconic island of dinosaurs for the first time, a mini-eden in Wood Lane will start to take shape at sustainable food-growing hub Wolves Lane Palm House, and community-powered creative makerspace D-Lab East will launch in Newham (you can see a full list of 2018’s cohort here).

Many projects have taken to social media to shout about their success, but we know it can be hard to beat a classic congratulations letter. The Mayor of London shared a letter to personally thank this year’s project creators and to show his appreciation for all the people working together to improve their corners of the city:

Dear project creator,

I want to personally thank you for your pitch to Crowdfund London and congratulate you on receiving a pledge.

The efforts of you and your community are important. You are part of a new wave of Londoners, with pioneering spirit, contributing fresh ideas to help shape the future of your neighbourhood and our city.

Through Crowdfund London, we want to give all Londoners the opportunity to bring forward creative and innovative proposals that unite communities and better respond to the needs of a local area. This approach has drawn attention from cities around the world for what has been achieved so far. Our success is a result of the incredible ambition and commitment shown by communities like yours and the real difference you are making across the city.

You are showing others what can be done and inspiring a new generation to contribute to an even stronger sense of civic pride. I believe that this is what brings our communities together and ensures London remains an inclusive and prosperous city for future generations.

I am very much looking forward to following your progress and wish you the best of luck with your campaign.

Yours sincerely,

Sadiq Kahn
Mayor of London

As the project creators turn their attention to delivering their funded projects, our focus is shifting once again to encouraging changemakers across the city to share their ideas and pitch them to the Mayor of London. Are you interested in being part of Crowdfund London 2019? Sign up to one of the information events  we’ll be in touch to help get you started.