Crowdfund through COVID-19

Earlier this year, we at Spacehive partnered with the ECB to support cricket clubs fundraising for COVID-19 relief efforts.
We are delighted to now be opening a second round of crowdfunding to help local cricket clubs across the country return to cricket. As with the last round of funding, the ECB will be providing clubs with a pledge of £100 towards their crowdfunding campaigns.
The deal:
  • Create a crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive to support your club return to cricket
  • ECB will help get your campaign off to a flying start by pledging £100 as soon as your campaign goes live
  • Raise at least £100 more to lock in the ECB pledge
The process:
  • Sign up using the form below and receive all the information you need to get started
  • Set up your crowdfunding page between now and the 31st of August. The Spacehive team will be on hand to guide you through this process.
  • The ECB pledge will appear as soon as your campaign is live
  • Run your crowdfunding campaign throughout August and September
  • Receive the money you raise in your bank by mid October (or two weeks after your campaign finishes)

Clubs already using Spacehive:  

The ECB can only pledge £100 to your club once. If you have already run a campaign on Spacehive which received the £100 ECB pledge you will not receive another ECB pledge. Can you however decide to run another campaign on Spacehive , and while you will not receive a pledge from ECB, you will still be supported by the Spacehive team. 

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