The first Spacehive project has started fundraising – and it’s awesome! The town of Glyncoch, in South Wales, is asking for Britain’s small change to save its new community centre.

Over the last 7 years they’ve raised 94% from grants for the building project. But the grants expire on 30th March. Now the town is hoping hundreds people and businesses across the country will consider pledging a few pounds to collectively plug the gap.

If the project hits its target, the centre will be built by summer. So please go to now to make a pledge and transform a town – it takes seconds.

We think what Glyncoch is doing is inspiring. The town has been dealt a tough hand over the years, accumulating some arresting stats on unemployment and health, which makes their enterprising campaign to secure their most important public space all the more remarkable.

The new centre will revive a community by providing a thriving hub for social events, workshops, and training opportunities for young people, of whom 38% are unemployed.

So please spread the word and let’s do something amazing in Glyncoch.