The Line – Sculpture Walk

How Megan raised £62,000 in one day to fund a sculpture walk through East London.

Megan’s campaign to create a open air sculpture walk in East London called The Line was a nail-biting roller-coaster.  But her success has created a major new cultural attraction in capital.

Megan’s idea was to create an open air sculpture walk along the banks of London’s second largest river – the Lea. The route would wind from the Olympic Park to the O2 – via canals, parks and a cable car – broadly along the route of the Meridian. She aimed to gain planning permission for a series of small sites along the route and then use the spots to display art that was lying in storage – from big names like Damien Hurst to up and coming local artists. Part of the aim was to draw people to an under-explored part of the capital.

It was an exciting campaign – in the end she reached her target with just six hours to spare: a result so hair-raising it looked like a publicity stunt. The Line successfully crowdfunded close to £120,000 in the final week and £62,000 in its final fundraising day.

The campaign was announced in the press prior to securing any funding and from a standing start they had less than 8 weeks to raise over £140,000.

“A sculpture walk like this will be for everyone to enjoy and help to bring an under-explored corner of the city to life.”

– Danny Boyle, Filmmaker

Press Support

The press support for the project was fantastic and the democratic approach to fundraising did appear to strike a chord. The Line shared its ambitions with the public and asked for help to realise these ambitions. Without any public funding available, the appeal was make or break.

organisations pledged over £1000

They did it!

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