Crowdfunding a greener Britain

How idverde UK is growing more green spaces in Britain through crowdfunding

People throughout the UK have the opportunity to get their green space projects funded with the help of idverde.

idverde’s aims are to leverage their funding by backing ideas alongside the crowd; support projects that have clear and visible community support; and enable a greater array of funders to provide support to changemakers.

Through crowdfunding they wanted to inspire local communities – young people in particular – to get involved in improving and utilising their local green spaces in a more efficient and effective way.

“What if we could use the same principles of AirBnB, Uber and the sharing economy for improving parks? By helping those with a local need and a vision – local communities and park users – connect with those with the resources and an interest– councils, health services, local businesses, local people and funding bodies that can make it happen.”

Rob Pearce, Trustee – idverde’s Community Investment Fund

Crowdfunding takes root

And in the nine months the fund has been operating they are already seeing results, from big projects such as a classroom refurbishment at the Litten Reserve and a playground restoration in South Norwood-Greater London to smaller projects such as the construction of a community recycled greenhouse. And there are even more coming.

Crowdfunding places new and different requirements on those seeking funds and running projects. Instead of filling in application forms for grants they have to run campaigns and utilise social media. However this can bring in more young people who have these skills to help educate those who are less technology savvy and through the process of running a campaign, bring people with different experience together.

“We’re proud to have been backed by idverde – your support is much appreciated!”

Arts cafe, Manor House – Project Creator

Catalysing success

In backing projects alongside the “crowd”, which has so far included everyone from individuals to local businesses, councils and the Mayor of London, they have not only managed to increase the impact of their funding by a factor of twenty they have also managed to increase the success rate of all of the green space projects they back. The typical success rate of a crowdfunding project on Spacehive sits at 49%, however a project that has been backed by ideverde has an 83% chance of success.

Successful projects
Total backers
Success rate
Fund size
Total value of projects
Crowdfunding a greener Britain

Crowdfunding can connect people with resources that were previously untapped, creating new possibilities for improving our green spaces. It provides the means of funding and delivering projects in a way that strengthens the ownership of projects; better matches the burden of resources with the benefits achieved; uses an efficient and effective medium and most importantly delivers some great improvements to local parks and for local people.

As crowdfunding takes root with community project creators, idverde is now looking to grow itself by bringing on a host of partners who can provide additional support through funds, training and resources to help communities improve their local green spaces.

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