A very warm welcome to Spacehive!

Friends, the time has come to do things a bit differently.

We all care about where we live. We can all think of ways to make it better. We all assume there’s little point trying.

Who do you ring if you want to build a playground in your local park; turn an empty yard into allotments; or give your local high street a makeover? The planning system really isn’t designed to take your call.

Which is a shame. Because whilst most of us are too busy to spend time sprucing up where we live, plenty of people are actually up for it. Our lives would be better if we let these people do their thing.

Which is where Spacehive comes in.

We think the planning system needs rethinking. From now on, you – residents, local businesses, community groups – are no longer the hapless victims of a maddening, computer-says-no bureaucracy. You are customers.

And as customers you are entitled to expect great service.

So let the professional architects, designers and planners do battle with bureaucracy on your behalf. Your job is to browse ready-to-go project ideas and choose things you love.

Can we really have an online store that sells leafy parks, BMX tracks, communal BBQs, rooftop gardens, skate parks, playgrounds, and pedestrian piazzas designed for people to enjoy a pint? We think so.

In fact we know so. Because behind the scenes we’re already helping communities to get a diverse mix of projects off the ground. By working together, people are finding it possible to get things done that would otherwise be unaffordable.

It’s a refreshing new way of doing things that’s at the heart of our model.

Over the next few months we’ll be launching lots of different projects. Wherever possible, we’ll bring down the cost by getting brands, foundations, charities or councils to help you out. Some things will work, some won’t. We’ll need your feedback to make sure Spacehive becomes as useful as possible to you.

So please drop us a line with your thoughts. We look forward to working for you.

Best wishes,

The Spacehive team.