Before a project can start fundraising, the Project Delivery Manager must link at least one, but ideally two, payment accounts to your project page. These are PayPal and GoCardless. You can add them in the Project Delivery Manager tab of Project Details in your project Dashboard pre verification, and in your Account Settings if you’ve submitted for verification.

Setting up an account with PayPal allows your Backers to pay from their PayPal account as well as by credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. Having a GoCardless account means Funders can pay directly from their bank account or debit card from the UK only.

The table below summarises the key features of each payment option:

Transaction fee3.4%0.5%
Payment types supportedPayPal account, credit & debit cardsBACs and Debit Cards
Maximum pledge size£1,250£10,000
Payments can be made fromAnywhere in the worldUK-only
Funds deposited inYour PayPal accountYour bank account

For more information on the fees, click here.