Spacehive is the UK’s only dedicated crowdfunding platform designed for projects that bring places to life, be that sprucing up a local park, holding a community event, or repurposing a disused building.

We aim to revolutionise the way communities grow, first by giving local people the tools to put forward the ideas they want to see happen in their area. In addition to providing a platform for their idea to shine, we prompt project creators to consider the practical requirements for setting up and delivering a community project, from planning permission to fully-costed budgeting.

Adding extra credibility and robustness to our approach is our verification process. Prior to starting a crowdfunding campaign, all projects are verified by our partners at Locality. This process carries out the necessary checks to ensure that if funded, the project can actually be delivered.

Finally, Spacehive is a trusted place for collaboration, bringing together communities, residents, businesses, councils, and grant bodies. Through our grant maker app we are able to automatically match projects to Funds, which can then pledge directly to the crowdfunding campaign – no more laborious grant forms!

It’s a fast, transparent and fun way to transform where you live: just find a project you love using our map tool or find a Movement in your area and pledge a contribution to a live campaign, or start a project of your own. Payments are only charged if projects hit their funding targets, so you only pay if the project goes ahead!

Who’s behind Spacehive

We are an independent company based in London that launched in 2012. We love what we do and who we do it with, and we reinvest all of our profit in making Spacehive better.

If you like what we do, say hello, or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.