What is Spacehive? How does it work?

Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform designed for projects that enhance our shared civic life, be that sprucing up a local park, holding a community event, or repurposing a disused building.

We aim to revolutionise the way communities grow, making it easy for locals to choose the changes they feel their community needs, and back their idea up by collecting funds not only from neighbours but also from local business, councils, and grant bodies.

Our verification system and grant app makes Spacehive projects appealing to big backers, so make sure to check for Funds you might be eligible for – we’ll match you up with them automatically, no laborious grant forms needed!

You can use Spacehive either as a Project Creator, a local backer, a business backer, or as a grant body/council backer.

It’s a fast and fun way to transform where you live: just find a project you love using our map tool or find a Movement in your area and pledge a contribution. Payments are only charged if projects hit their funding targets, so you only pay if the project goes ahead!

Who’s behind Spacehive

We are an independent company based in London that launched in 2012. We love what we do and who we do it with. If you like what Spacehive is about say hello, check us out on Facebook or Twitter or check out our job listings!

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About the Author:

With a background in urban design and city planning, Aggie is passionate about giving people a voice in the creation of exciting local places. As an intern she will be learning the core skills needed to assist Spacehive users at every stage of their projects. She is looking forward to working alongside crowdfunding professionals to help bring ideas into reality.