If you have raised funds for this project already, you are able to show this on your Spacehive page. For example, your project costs £100,000 total, and you received a grant of £50,000, and are trying to crowdfund the remaining £50,000. You can set up your Spacehive page so that the project is shown to cost £100,000, and you already have your first backer. Your campaign will therefore start on £50,000, with another £50,000 to raise.

In order for this to happen, we require evidence that these funds are in place and that they are for this project specifically. This evidence will then be checked by our partners Locality during the verification process. The more evidence you provide, the quicker and more likely it is that your project will be verified. Examples of evidence that you should have ready include:

  • Letter/email of grant agreement
  • Bank statement
  • Scan of cheque

Please note that you can only upload these funds prior to starting your campaign. Once your campaign is live, all donations will need to be pledged via the Spacehive platform using the payment provider(s) you have set up.

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