After you’ve reached your target and the funds have been paid out, the main thing to do is focus on delivering the project. Along the way though you should keep your Backers up to date with regular updates, as explained here, and once it’s delivered you need to let them know, explained here.

There’s no further requirement to provide any more information to Spacehive, apart from filling in a delivery report once the project is up and running to share the impact you’re making. For the majority of projects this is optional, although we do strongly recommend you complete it to share the impact with your deserving backers, and to use as a project CV which may help you unlock further funding, or to raise money for another project. However, some Funds require impact reports from projects they pledge to in order to assess how their funding is being spent. This will be made clear during a pitch to a Fund, and also in follow up communication from the Fund via Spacehive.

Find out more about Impact reporting here.