Spacehive partners with Funding bodies across the U.K who are like minded in their support of local projects, and want to help the community to fund them. To do this they set up a ‘Fund’ on Spacehive, which is a pot of money that projects which match their funding criteria can apply to, whilst creating their crowdfunding project.

After the initial Project Idea has been created, everything from entering the main description to the  project costs, you’ll be matched to Funds whose criteria you meet. The Criteria is based on the type of project you’re creating and the impact it will create, the type of organisation the Project Creator or Project Delivery Manager are, and often most importantly, the location of your project.

The Funds you’re project has been matched to will then be promoted to you in your Project dashboard so you can review them, and submit a pitch to any you feel could benefit your campaign with a pledge. Because Funds make up 35% of funding to Spacehive projects on average, they do have the option to ask some additional questions that might be expected of larger funding bodies in order to submit a pitch, but usually no more than 3 or 4 additional documents or answers are needed.

To view the full list of Funds your project could be matched to, have a look at our Fund directory, here.