Funding rounds are periods in the year where certain funders are primed and ready to pledge to crowdfunding projects. These periods are announced in advance and may vary depending on the location of the funder. For the project creator, being part of a funding round is particularly advantageous. By launching a campaign as part of a funding round, you are giving yourself more opportunity to receive a pledge from one of these funders, as they are committed at this time to reviewing your campaign and considering its merit. The support that you will proactively receive from Spacehive is also timed to help you prepare for launching by the round deadline, and then provide campaign advice as you move towards hitting your target. Cohorts of project creators form around funding rounds, meaning that it is possible to discuss your project with other creators in your area and share learning. This groundswell of activity happening at the same time also creates an amplified positive noise, which in turn makes it easier to get interest from local media and further your campaign reach.