Take your time to build your project page! The most successful projects generally take a good couple of weeks to make their project look as engaging as possible before launching. A thoughtful and methodical approach can pay off.

Choose a snappy project title

Your Spacehive project title should be simple, specific, and memorable, and it should include the title of the civic project you’re raising funds for. Imagine your title as a distinct identity that will set it apart (“Let’s create a garden” isn’t as memorable or searchable as “Stoke’s Croft Exotic Flower Garden”).

Choose an eye-catching image

Your project image is how you will be represented on Spacehive and the rest of the web. Pick something that accurately reflects your project, as well as looking exciting so that people click on it!

Select a high-resolution bright and colourful image. You can use basic photo editing softwares to brighten up the light and increase the colour saturation.

The minimum size of the image is 460 x 309px. Choose a landscape picture, if possible. If you upload a portrait image, the system will automatically display only a section of the image. To see the full size of it, you need to click on it.

Please note that the image name has to contain the file extension – e.g. .jpeg, .jpg, .png etc.- otherwise the system will not recognise the format.

Make a video

Create a short video that explains what you’ll do with people’s money and gets across your passion for the project. It doesn’t have to be Hollywood, it just has to sell what’s great about your project to a stranger.

Write an intro that captures it

Your short intro appears when people are searching for projects on Spacehive and in posts about it shared on social media. It’s the best place to quickly communicate to your audience what your project is about.

Stay focused and be clear on what your project aims to accomplish. If you had to describe your project in one tweet, how would you do it?

Write your public profile

Your public profile is a great opportunity to share more about you. Why did you take on this project? What prior work can you share via links? This is key to earning the trust of potential funders.

Get feedback

Get feedback on your project page from friends, colleagues and strangers as you develop it. If they don’t get what it’s all about quickly, and get excited, you probably haven’t got it quite right yet!

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