How can I show money or items I’ve already received before crowdfunding?

If you’ve already begun the fundraising effort for your project before coming to Spacehive, you can show any funds raised or items received as pledges on your project page. Showing that there’s already funds raised towards the project will help get your campaign off to a good start, by showing Backers there’s already others supporting it.

To do this, list out the full budget for your project in the costs section, adding any items already received or purchased as an in-kind cost, and any funds raised pre-campaign (cash or grants, for instance) along with evidence. In-kind cost items will show as both a cost to the project and a donation – as it’s a good already received – whereas funds raised will show as a pledge towards the project.

Anything raised and added in to the project before the campaign begins is not subject to Spacehive’s 5% fee.

Please note that to ensure transparency, once you’ve begun fundraising you cannot swap out Cost items for additional in-kind donations. You must raise the full target amount that you agreed upon and Locality verified at the start of the campaign.

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Having spent a number of years in the Music industry, Hamish moved into the Tech space to work for a company specialising in financial education for children. He joins Spacehive with experience in community management and will be working to ensure that Spacehive offers the best User Support it can.