This spring why not have a crack at crowdfunding a project to brighten up your area? To help you make it happen, Experian are offering pledges of up to £5,000.

Doing stuff in a civic space can seem daunting but it can be amazingly easy to achieve things with a few crowdfunders behind you.

Start with something small – like planting up a forlorn flowerbed with a burst of greenery or painting a wall. It feels great to make your mark!

Getting a pledge from Experian is easy (most people that apply succeed):

1. Upload your project now and start fundraising as soon as you can!

2. Fill out Experian’s application form and email it to them.

Top tips:

– Be passionate about your project
– Explain why it will make your area better
– Include pics or drawings if you can
– Explain what the money you’re asking for will be spent on.
– Make sure all your supporters pledge to your project so it looks nice and popular when you send off your form.

Good luck!


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