Funds help to fuel projects. When you create a project on Spacehive you’re automatically matched with all of the funds that match the same criteria. So a Community Garden project will get matched to a Green Space fund in the same way a playground in Manchester will get matched to our Manchester funds! Get matched, pitch your project and attract additional support from our partners to help bring your project to life. Learn more about pitching for funds here.

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Mayor of London
Part of what makes London special is the jumble of unique, quirky, human places shaped by local communities. Places that are distinctive. Places you want to explore. Places that make you love London even more. This initiative by the Mayor is aimed at creating more places like this – by helping Londoners to crowdfund innovative project ideas on Spacehive.
Better Communities
The United Kingdom

Better Communities is here to support projects which get your community active! From organising a 100 metre sprint on your high street to revamping a 5-aside football pitch.

Learn more here.

Growing a Greener Britain
The United Kingdom

We want to see creative and innovative ideas that enhance greenery across the country, like building a park on a disused rail line in the sky, creating a community garden, or installing a wifi network in a park, whatever you think will make your local greenspace an even better place to be.

Learn more here.

Organisations using civic crowdfunding
West Sussex

This fund enables West Sussex County Councillors to support local community projects to improve the wellbeing of their local area. This is administered through the County Local Councillor Committee Meetings.

Organisations using civic crowdfunding
The United Kingdom

We want to back new ideas for creating more vibrant local communities across the United Kingdom. If you are planning a project that brings your community together and have a lasting impact, we’d love to see your pitch.

Learn more here.

Organisations using civic crowdfunding
Greater Manchester
We are looking for great, exciting ideas to make Manchester a better place in which to live, work and play. This pledge pot will support projects in the City of Manchester which have a focus on improving parks and green spaces and encouraging residents to be physically active outdoors.
Organisations using civic crowdfunding
Greater London and Watford
We want to support small projects which will make a big difference to help the community increase reuse and recycling. Could your project engage your neighbours in their recycling service and inspire them to do the right thing with their waste? Do you want to use reclaimed materials to help build facilities the community can use and up skill the local people?
Essex Hive
Essex County

Local projects, local change. The Local Connections Fund seeks to support as many ideas as possible and can pledge up to £5,000 to do so. And if your project features recycling, re-using or sustainability elements you could receive a pledge of up to £1000 from the Essex Community Reuse Fund to make your project a reality!

Learn more here.

City Mayor

This £100,000 Community Engagement Fund will support projects that can help eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation; advance equality of opportunity; and foster good relations between groups and communities in Leicester.

Learn more here.

Warwickshire Placemaking Fund

We are looking for projects which transform shared space, inspire visitors and enhance the experience in order to bring more people into our town centres, increase footfall and support the local economy. A capital fund for projects which will enhance, improve, and enliven the town centres across Warwickshire.

Learn more here.

Barnet Together Fund
London Borough of Barnet

This fund is available to anyone who lives, works or studies in Barnet. We want to hear about your ideas for improving Barnet’s high streets, residential neighbourhoods, parks and open spaces.

Learn more here.

Hammersmith and Fulham Funds
Hammersmith and Fulham

Hammersmith and Fulham is offering £200,000 to projects which bring together the local people and resources to make positive changes in their community. If you have a project idea for improving your local area, simply upload it to Spacehive, set your funding target and pitch to the Hammersmith and Fulham Funds to watch your ideas come to life!

Learn more here.

Our Aldgate Fund
City of London

From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, if you have an idea to make Aldgate even better, this is your opportunity to make your project idea happen. The City of London also have a £30k fund, with a maximum pledge of £5,000, available to support projects crowdfunding in Aldgate.

Learn more here.

Neighbourhood Improvement Fund

The Neighbourhood Improvement Fund is part of the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is paid by developers to fund infrastructure, facilities and services to benefit  the local community. This fund is available for projects running in Crawley Borough.

Learn more here.

Crowdfund Wolves Fund

We are interested in funding a range of projects that contibute to the city! Projects must contibute to improving places, spaces or residents’ quality of life. We are particularly excited about projects that are bringing something new to the city. The council would support those projects which make a significant contribution to the delivery of the corporate plan, deliver skills and or contribute to efficiency outcomes.

Learn more here.

Enfield Now Fund
London Borough of Enfield

We want to make Enfield a place to be proud of, a great place to live and work. We’re excited about projects that encourage participation from all the community, including young people. We are interested in a range of project outcomes; from bringing in new opportunities or developing skills to enriching Enfield’s clean, green, environment.

Learn more here.


The MakeHull Pioneers are a group of Hull businesses who have come together to support making Hull the best city it can be. We will be pledging up to £5k to the best crowdfunding campaigns.

Learn more here.

Westway Trust Community Grant
Kensington and Chelsea

We fund projects which celebrate the local area’s culture and heritage; improve health and well-being in the local community; or improve economic opportunity in the Kensington and Chelsea area.

Learn more here.

Exeter City Futures

Exeter City Futures Impact Fund is looking forward to supporting projects that have been designed by community groups and individuals to address local problems around congestion and energy use.

Learn more here.

UnLtd supports Spaces 4 Change

Our new initiative, Spaces for Change is about improving unused or under used spaces within a community. We want to find, fund, support and connect with young people aged between 16 and 24-years-old.

Learn more here.

LifeSkills created with Barclays
The United Kingdom

LifeSkills improves young people’s life chances and confidence by equipping them with the key 21st century skills. We’re using Spacehive and crowdfunding to get young people running campaigns that develop skills such as marketing a project, writing press releases, creating videos, & pitching to local businesses.

Learn more here.


Redbridge Fund

The Redbridge Community Fund is available to support projects in the Redbridge area.

Learn more here.

Lewisham Hive
Lewisham is a diverse and exciting borough with many challenges & opportunities. It benefits from a great number of creative organisations & vibrant communities with innovative ideas for making it a great place to live & work. The Movement provides a vehicle for developing new ideas and channeling energy & creativity.
Heart of Experian in your community
The United Kingdom
The Heart of Experian Charity Fund was set up to help small groups who need our support in tough financial times to become more sustainable. The passion of these smaller groups, along with their determination to make a difference in their local communities, encourages us to fund many exciting civic projects.
Our Big Gig 2015
The United Kingdom
Crowdfund your event right here on Our Big Gig’s Spacehive page and get a £200 pledge from us!