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The Line – Sculpture Walk

How Megan raised £62,000 in one day to fund a sculpture walk through East London.

You may have read that The Line successfully reached its crowdfunding target on Friday 28th March 2015. What you won’t have read is the nail-biting rollercoaster that was the mad dash to the deadline. This campaign confirmed that there’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!

When crowdfunding, you only collect your funding if you reach your target. Megan Piper’s ‘The Line’ reached hers with only six hours to spare. It was a result so hair-raising it looked like a publicity stunt. The Line successfully crowdfunded close to £120,000 in the final week and £62,000 in its final fundraising day.

The campaign was announced in the press prior to securing any funding and from a standing start they had less than 8 weeks to raise over £140,000.

“A sculpture walk like this — The Line — will be for everyone to enjoy. They’ll be able to say that this is something that came out of that wonderful festival we had.”

– Danny Boyle, Filmmaker

Press Support

The press support for the project was fantastic and the democratic approach to fundraising did appear to strike a chord. The Line shared its ambitions with the public and asked for help to realise these ambitions. Without any public funding available, the appeal was make or break.

organisations pledged over £1000

They did it!

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